Vietnam’s modernizing spirit and push for international accessibility in the last decade has made it a growing destination for film and productions.

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Our strong force in Documentary productions allow us to have the flexibility, speed and efficiency for set-up productions.

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Our work

Our team and partners will deliver with state of the art story-boards, scripts, production, filming, editing and motion graphics for your project.

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What we do

  • Production Fixing

    Permits, transportation, access, accommodation or location scouting? We have helped numerous productions for Documentary, feature films and TV shows.

  • Filming

    From storyboard to the final grade, our pool of talented filmmakers are excited to work on any new creative challenge.

  • Aerial

    Vietnam has a wide variety of unseen landscapes, ideal for stunning imagery. Let us help you navigate through the difficulties of permits and location specificities with our expert teams of drone pilots, from Mini Alexa to Mavic.

  • Post

    From Digital Imagery Technicians to motion designers, our team can handle every step of post-production. Our editors will craft your video beautifully, telling your story the way you want it told.

  • Photographers

    Photographers: A lot of photographers come to settle in Vietnam, drawn in by the fantastic scenery, bustling ambiance and, of course, the people. We work with the best and most celebrated among them.

They trusted us

  • It was a real pleasure to work with the people of Almaz Media Team. They provided our director of photography for our documentary who was really professional and always found a way to fix problems which are inherent to shooting outside a studio. Our week of shooting across Vietnam went well, both in professional and human-relationship. I hope we can come back one day to make an other movie !

    Aladin Farré – Producer Al Di Sopra Production Paris, France
  • Professional, talented and creative the process and results have always met the high standards we expect. To add pleasure to performance they are great fun to work with. Which is important.

    Dorian Gibb – Art Director WORKROOM 4
  • Great local knowledge, instincts, and attitude to get the film made within a timeline and on a budget while enjoying the process. Can get permits and handle sensitive topics as well.

    Charly Feldman – Producer MAKE Productions

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Our strong force in Documentary productions allow us to have the flexibility, speed and efficiency for set-up productions. Whether you need a simple interview to be covered or a full-on commercial shooting, we have all the necessary resources to your video needs.

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